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It’s our firmly held belief that your time in our space should be meaningful and peaceful. We have tried to reflect that in our physical environment. The Functional Medicine Center is proud to be located in Durham, NC. 1415 West NC Highway 54 Suite 125 Durham, NC 27707

I was placed on low dose naltrexone to help with my autoimmune psoriatic arthritis and have been blown away by the results so far.

Leading up to my visit with Kate Godly I was getting very nervous about my back pain and feared I wouldn’t be able to do the things I loved much longer. I was in constant pain. It hurt to sit, it hurt to sleep, driving was a nightmare and after less than an hour of exercise or yard work I was wiped out for the day–barely able to walk. At age 32, I felt my future was looking rather dim. I love to exercise and could not imagine life without movement but that was the reality I felt I was facing.

I met with Kate after a yoga class and explained my concern. It was an easy class though I had trouble moving in and out of basic yoga moves. I was actually concerned that I may need help leaving the room after the practice was finished. We chatted after class and she shared her successful treatment of several patients with similar symptoms as mine. I was interested but not confident I wanted to take a pharmaceutical. I had heard of certain immune suppressing drugs that could help autoimmune conditions but after surviving my own struggle with Lyme disease, Toxic Mold Exposure, Heavy Metal Toxicity, and Anxiety I wanted my immune system as strong as possible. Kate encouraged me to read up on low dose Naltrexone for managing autoimmune conditions. I have been diagnosed with psoriasis and assumed the pain in my low back may be related. I did my research and was excited to try the pharmaceutical after learning that it had been used in Europe successfully and safely for many years.

After the first night of taking LDN, I slept better than I had in a long time. I wear an Oura ring at night that tracks my sleep–I saw close to a 90 minute improvement in REM sleep, only woke once during the night, and was able to dose off again quickly, which rarely happens. When I woke up I felt SO REFRESHED like I had slept for days. I realized I had been feeling pretty awful upon waking months before taking LDN. My back pain was 50% improved and I noticed weird movement patterns all day long where I would brace myself when bending over, using my knees and props close by to support myself that I seemed to no longer need. My sleep had been so poor lately that I was unable to sleep with my wife for the last year because any subtle movement during the night would wake me and I would not be able to get back to sleep. Since taking the LDN, my wife and I have slept together for 2 nights in a row! I’m amazed that I am just now hearing about LDN and want to share my story so that others suffering with autoimmune can learn about this treatment and speak with their doctors to see if it’s right for them.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), M.W.

Kate Godly is a true healer in every sense of the word. Her willingness to conduct research of unique, and often highly politicized, areas of medicine (such as Chronic Lyme Disease), along with her openness to discussing traditional and alternative treatment strategies, is a rare gift within the medical profession. She is humble in the best ways, perfectly balanced by her expertise and knowledge of wellness/illness, body systems, nutrition and environmental risk factors. Our appointments feel more like conversations with an extremely knowledgeable friend than with a doctor, always open and honest and never rushed (our first visit lasted hours!). Kate addresses every question with candor, and carefully considers each treatment modality I propose. I have dealt with many components of the Western medical system, and I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. This is the most comfortable I have ever felt with a provider, and am so glad to have Kate as not just that, but also as a health coach, mentor, expert and friend. 

A True Healer, P.S.

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