Ozone Therapy

We are proud to provide Ozone Therapy at The Functional Medicine Center. While there is no disease or diagnosis that ozone is indicated to treat, there are many beneficial physiologic reactions that ozone can cause in the body.

Many patients have been referred by an outside provider or have read about Ozone Therapy elsewhere and are wondering about our offerings at The Functional Medicine Center. There are many different terms and descriptions such as Major Autohematology, Minor Autohematology, 10-Pass Treament, UBI, 5-Pass Treatment and more.

We perform an Ozone 5-Pass treatment with Ultraviolet Light Blood Irradiation. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation is often abbreviated UBI. Although our team has trained on all the different methods, we believe the Ozone 5-Pass is the best combination of cost effectiveness, efficiency, and efficacy.

Our process includes starting an IV (just like many have had done for IV fluids, or anesthesia or blood draws) and pumping a volume of blood out of your body. While the blood is being pumped out, it passes through a custom designed, sterile, sealed quartz chamber that is loaded into the UV light box. The blood is moving continuously and is exposed to Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet C light spectrum. At the end of the sterile tubing is a collection bag. Once the volume of

blood has been collected, ozone gas is generated using Medical Grade Oxygen and is dissolved into your blood. At this point, the pump is reversed and your ozonated blood is reintroduced into your body. Of course, it passes through the Ultraviolet light again on it’s way back into your body. The entire process takes about an hour.

Patients frequently ask what the difference between a 10-pass procedure vs a 5-pass procedure. Simply, a 5-pass procedure uses a single collection of a larger volume of blood and a larger amount of ozone “all-at-once” as opposed to collecting a smaller amount 10 times. This allows a 5-pass to typically be faster and less expensive than a 10-pass.

We’ve linked below to some of our “favorite” publications about Ozone Therapy.

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