Membership to Our Family Practice

Your monthly membership to our practice allows us to offer access to your provider like no other experience in medicine. Our new patient visits are typically 90 minutes and follow up visits are usually 45 minutes. When more time is needed, it’s always available. We strive to meet you at the door and respect that your time is valuable. You can reach your via phone or our encrypted HIPAA compliant patient portal. If on any particular day, your primary need is face-to-face time and not a hands on physical exam, we offer HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Telehealth visits; you can be seen from the comfort of your own home or while on vacation or business travel. All of our services (labwork, EKGs, IV therapy) are offered at the lowest price possible and are generally significantly less than cash pay prices offered to the general public. Our portal also allows you to schedule your own appointments.