Meet Our Team

Kate Godly, PA-C

Kate Godly

Founder & Functional Medicine Physician Assistant

Kate Godly holds a bachelor’s in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech (2005), an M.S. in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from UWS (2021), and a Certificate in Physician Assistant Studies from St. John’s University in New York. She has been a PA since 2009.

She began her career in primary care, addiction medicine and infectious disease at an outpatient facility in New York. She later moved to rural North Carolina where she became an HIV specialist and served as an ID consultant for two hospitals.

In an effort to merge her interest in nutrition, what she had learned as a parent, and her own journey with insulin resistance and autoimmune disease, she then became a health coach, and a lactation consultant (IBCLC) traveling the Raleigh-Durham area on home visits.  In 2016, Kate became a yoga teacher and dove deeper into the Ayurverdic perspective of health.  Similar to Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda sees the patient’s mind, body and spirit as equal parts of one whole– these three parts all influence one another and healing the mind and the spirit is as essential to health as healing the physical body.

After another two years working in fast paced family medicine clinics, Kate left the traditional model to open The Functional Medicine Center in 2017, then called Restoring Balance Family Practice. The name was changed in 2018 to better reflect the way Kate practices medicine. Her mentor is Dr. JP Saleeby of Carolina Holistic Medicine. He is an ILADS trained MD and an AARM fellow.

Kate’s foundation is in gut health, food sensitivities, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disease, and chronic infections, as well as hormone balancing and detox.

Kate also teaches infectious disease at Campbell PA school in Lillington and is on the mentor board of the Priority Health Academy. She is a member of the North Carolina Integrative Medical Society and the American Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

Kate is also a yoga and meditation instructor and in her free time enjoys traveling, taking her SUP out on the lake, and exploring her home town of Durham with her husband, also a PA, and their two young children.

Josh Corwin, MS, PA-C

Josh Corwin

CEO & Integrative Physician Assistant

Josh earned his bachelor’s degree from The George Washington University, his master’s degree from New York Medical College, and his Physician Assistant Certificate from St. John’s University. Josh is proud to have served as President of the Neils Schmidt Student Society during his physician assistant training and was inducted into Pi Alpha, the national honor society for physician assistants.

He is certified as a Physician Assistant by the National Certifying Commission of Physician Assistants and is licensed by the North Carolina Medical Board.

Before becoming a physician assistant in 2008 and beginning his PA career in New Jersey in Orthopaedic Surgery, Josh was a paramedic in both New York and New Jersey for eleven years and instructed EMT, paramedic, and nursing students. Josh has worked in Orthopaedic Surgery in the Triangle since relocating in 2011 and is thrilled to bring his skill set to The Functional Medicine Center. He enthusiastically combines his years of experience in the unpredictable field of emergency medicine with his experience in orthopedic surgery in the treatment of patients as he provides integrative Physician Assistant services at The Functional Medicine Center.  Josh offers nutritional IVs, IV Ozone, joint injections with PRP and Ozone, and hair restoration.

Kristin Timpy

Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner

Kristin Timpy holds two Bachelor Degrees in Molecular Cell Physiology as well as Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Monmouth University in New Jersey. She is board certified as an Adult-Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, she was a cardiology nurse for ten years in New Jersey and New York City, in both acute care and private office settings. Upon relocating to North Carolina in 2016, Kristin decided to put her cardiology experience to use in primary care and although she thoroughly enjoyed caring for countless families over 5 years, she found she wanted more time with her patients to diagnose and treat the root cause of their symptoms and educate patients on the importance of lifestyle modifications for healing the whole person, rather than or in addition to pharmaceuticals. It was this frustration and Kristin’s passion for preventative medicine that led her to Functional Medicine.

When Kristin is not at work or studying to become a certified provider in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine, she’s trying her best to be a great wife and mom to her husband and 3 children and gets in least 30 minutes of pilates or yoga each day to clear her mind.

Lauren Light

Office Manager

Behind every brilliant medical mind, there is an organizational mind keeping the gears moving.

Lauren began working for the practice in late 2019. She handles administrative tasks for both patients and providers. Lauren believes wholeheartedly in our functional medicine approach and is always happy to assist and support when needed.

Yusuf M. (JP) Saleeby, M.D.

Consulting Medical Director

After a two-decade career in Emergency Medicine in NC, SC and GA, Dr. Saleeby took a career change towards Functional & Integrative Medicine and has been practicing this new paradigm of medicine since 1999.

Dr. Saleeby is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine (AARM). He is a member of ILADS an organization that treats Lyme disease and associated tick-borne chronic illness. He has also been a past member of A4M, ACAM and the American Telehealth Association. His focus is hormone balance, Tick Borne pathogen illness, Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s, Dysbiosis (SIBO), Leaky Gut (gastric permeability) and Autoimmune disorders. In 2018 he founded the Priority Health Academy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to provider education and training to advanced healthcare providers in Functional Medicine.

He is married with 2 children and enjoys travel, gastronomic opportunities, history, philosophy, astrophysics, fine art and European sports cars.