Intravenous Therapy

At The Functional Medicine Center, we believe in the power of intravenous (IV) therapy to revitalize your health and well-being. Our IV therapy treatments are designed to address a wide range of health concerns, from mold-related illnesses to Lyme disease, fatigue, chronic or reactivated Epstein Barr, and even support during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also offer specialized treatments such as Myers’ cocktails, amino acids, and peptides.

Intravenous therapy is a highly effective way to deliver essential nutrients, vitamins, and hydration directly into your bloodstream. This method ensures rapid absorption and immediate relief from a variety of health issues.

Our Specializations:

Mold Exposure (CIRS) IV Therapy: If you’ve been exposed to mold and are experiencing the symptoms of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), our specialized IV therapy treatments can help alleviate your symptoms and restore your health.

Lyme Disease IV Therapy: Lyme disease can be a challenging condition to manage. Our IV therapy can complement your Lyme disease treatment plan and help you regain your vitality.

Combat Fatigue: Are you struggling with persistent fatigue? Our IV therapy can boost your energy levels and improve your overall quality of life.

COVID-19 Support: During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our IV therapy treatments are designed to support your immune system and promote a faster recovery.

Myers’ Cocktails: Experience the revitalizing effects of our Myers’ cocktails, a blend of essential vitamins and minerals that can enhance your energy and well-being.

Amino Acids: Amino acids are the building blocks of life. Discover how our amino acid IV therapy can support your body’s crucial functions.

Peptides: Our peptide therapies offer innovative solutions for various health concerns, including enhanced performance, pain management, and more.