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We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of treatment options to all of our patients

                                      Frequently Asked Questions

                                                 We've tried to anticipate and answer some of the most common questions

 How is Functional Medicine different than Conventional Medicine?                                                     

Conventionally, patients are often given a medication or treatment to address a symptom without understanding or treating the reason the symptom became a problem. The Functional Medicine Center's approach looks at "the big picture" to figure out why the symptom.

 Do you still prescribe medications, including controlled substances? 

Yes! Our providers are classically trained in Western Medicine and prescribe all medications that are appropriate and needed.

What can I expect at The Functional Medicine Center?

Simply, you should expect a patient experience like you've always wanted. Your provider will know you, remember you, and be famff The Functional Medicine Centeriliar will all your unique needs. Your concerns will be addressed promptly via our patient portal or direct phone call to your provider. 

 Do you see children?

Yes! We see patients from birth and are happy to be your child's Primary Care Provider

 Why don't you take insurance?

The time constraints and financial overhead required to "work with" insurance carriers makes providing Functional Medicine almost impossible. 

 If Kate Godly is a Physician Assistant, then how can she own the practice?

In North Carolina, any licensed provider can own their own practice. Many practices are owned by non-provider groups and employ the providers independently The Functional Medicine Center has a consulting Medicial Director who collaborates with respect to our Medical Policies and overall patient care. The Functional Medicine Center is a PLLC registered with the NC Medical Board and Secretary of State. 

 Do you have a nurse?

The short answer is no. Our providers greet their patients directly, check height/weight/blood pressure, and do everything that a nurse typically does in a Family Practice. Our support team is entirely administrative, helping with scheduling, paperwork, supply ordering, phone calls, and billing. All of your medical care is rendered by your provider.